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1173888_10152115652378001_1342612294_nMy last 2 week went so fast and I really enjoyed spending some time with Sasha Christian an Carro Djupsjö. Singapore is definitely a place that you have to visit at least once in your life. The city is so small so it has a lot opportunities, so that means you can do a lot in a few days.  I did a lot of wake boarding as well and it felt so good to spent some more time on the water for wakeboarding and specially when you can ride with some bad ass girls! :) It was so good to see and have the feeling that we were killing it!

I also did some sight seeing in Singapore, I went into town, Little India and China Town. The building are really crazy and I never saw so many shopping malls at such a small area. I still can’t believe how all the stores in there can survive.

We also went for some other activities beside wakeboarding. The Wave House for fly boarding and Amped a trampoline place were my favorite by far. It was also fun to see the Zoo in Singapore as well and the best part there was feeding the Giraffes. Holy crap what is there tongue tall! Thank you Saha and your family to make this trip possible!1526096_10152113942053001_118763213_n

Today was my first day in Bali and it is so impressive since the first minute I got there. The traffic is insane I never have seen so manny crazy people together on the road. I started my day with a visit at the tample after that the Monkey Forest and I walked in some amazing rice fields. So I am happy that I already did some of these things so I can spent the rest of the time on the water for some more surfing and doing yoga. I am really excited about that and I can’t wait for it!











Keep in touch I will be back with a new blog soon!

IMG_1321I have been away now for 6 weeks. The first 6 weeks did I spend in Australia, It was awesome and the time went so fast!

The first week that I got there I had the photo shoots for DUP Wakeboards it was a big experience and everything was really new for me. So I am really thankful to all the DUP people who let me a part of it. I also liked that I saw the most of the team riders, it was great to meet and ride whit them!

After a week of shooting , the weather wasn’t on our side and maybe you shouldn’t believe me but we had a lot of rain that week. We where celebrating Australian day. We went with a few other DUP team riders like Scotty Broome, Antonie van der Wekken, Jonthy Green on a boat at Port Hacking River. There were a lot of other people as well and had a good day with music and drinks. I also met Amber Wing and Dean Smith during that day. Then Amber told me that I had to stay at her house so we could do some boat riding.

JHC5223So after Australian day I spent a few days with Amber I think it was the best part of my trip for so far! We did some early morning sets at 6 o’clock and that was so sweet, you could see the sun rising and it gives you a good feeling to wake up for the things that you love to do in a really nice area. She took me also to some yoga classes and I liked it. So I am gonna try to do something like that when I am back home for sure.

IMG_1300Then I spent 2 days in Sydney. That was more than enough for me but it was awesome and fun to be there. I saw the Opra House and the Harbor Brige. I also went to Manly and Bondi Beach, the city was pretty cool as well. I saw some street artists and it was cool to see them preform. The last thing that I did was Toronga Zoo, it was so nice to see the Giraffe in front of the Sydney skyline!

After that I went to Penrith Cables Park and spent there a few more days. I finally get a little bit more used to the cable but I am still so scared about hitting the obstacles. So I really have to practice it a lot more but I like to do it as well so I think I will be allright :)

IMG_1275That weekend I took the train to get to a competition. It was my first competition after a while and I did okay. The comp was really similar as back home it just went a lot faster, and that is something that I really like. They were doing the hole competition by each category, so that means I did ride the qualifications and straight after all the girls had ride them we rode the finals. My qualification run went pretty good. I did all my 4 inverts, tantrum, scarcrow, front roll and backroll and a heel side tail grab. I was so surprised about the wake because it was so good and massive! The finals went not that good, but I still became 3th so that was pretty good!

IMG_1352The next week did I spent at Black Diamond Wakeboarding School. It’s an awesome place with a really good coach Scotty Kell. I learnt a hs fs 360 and I almost landed a switch hs fs 360 as well. I had an awesome time over there with a lot of wakeboarding. I am glad that I did it and it was great to train behind the G23 as well!

After that week a took a little rest and I was happy that I could stay at Dominique (Ambers sister) house and had some relaxing days at Cronulla. I bought a skateboard to cruise with so I did some good cruises and workouts in the mornings.

IMG_1438The next days I went for a surf trip and i finally learnt to surf, I like it but it is without a doubt not as good as wakeboarding! In the end of my trip I could catch some green waves so I didn’t do to bad. I went with MOJO Surfschools, I think it was really good to go with them specially when you can’t surf. The teaching was good.

I had just 6 more days and I decided to go to Byron Bay. It’s a cool place and I enjoyed it for a few days. I think 6 days there was just a little bit to long for me, I was getting missing my friends and family and also to ride on my wakeboard. The last day I went for a mountainbike tour and that was pretty good. It was a complete different area and it was nice to see the Rain Forest during an activity. We did a tour from about 3 hours with a lot of climbing and downhill riding so it was really good. I was happy that I did that it was a lot of fun and a good workout as well. I like to be tiered in the end of the day. So you can eat, shower and go to bed.

Now I am at the airport waiting for my flight to Singapore. I can’t wait to be there and spent some time with my friend Carro and Sasha and of course finally some more wakeboarding!

I will keep you up to date. See you soon!