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MaasAfter traveling for 3 months I finally arrived home. My traveling was definitely a big experience for me and really something that I had to do. I learnt so much about myself and I meet so many other people with the same passions for sports or doing the things that they love to do! I am already looking forward to make some new plans for next winter to keep on going with riding and of course sharing my passion for wakeboarding.

My first day back home was awesome! My lovely family that came all to pick me up from the airport was a big surprise for me. It was so good to see them all again. I came in straight to Kingsday so everything in the Netherlands was going crazy. I took it eazy and brought a visit at our boat. The boat is looking sick and it was so good to have ride behind or own boat, but damn what is the water cold! I am really not used to this conditions anymore :)

A few days ago I got a invitation to ride some demo’s for a festival in Dublin (Ireland) I am so stoked that I got this invitation because I am one of the 6 riders that they have invited for this event. The event will take place 17-18 May and named the Docklands Summer Festival. I am really looking forward to the summer. I think it’s going to be epic!

fotoAfter a long flight and a few more really good days in Cape Town I arrived in Portugal. This time it was a bit harder to leave, I was so not ready for it. Hopefully I can make some plans to go back next year. The last few days I did some Gymnastic coaching at Giants Gymnastics and I really liked it to work with the girls. An other cool thing that I did was watching the sunrise on the top of Lions Head. It was an early wake up but definitely worth it.

The last part of my trip is Portugal I am staying at Wake Villa, the place is sick! And It is also fun to catch up again with my friend Jerome Tan from Switserland. It feels so good to be back on the water and do some more riding. The boat is not really big but still good enough with plenty of weight in it, that makes a good wake. I already did 3 sets since I arrived yesterday, so I am ready to work on my competition pass and of course to try and learn some new tricks!

10014667_682877295109500_1325836772510174416_nFor the title of this blog I got some inspiration by watching the Lego movie. It has been a little while since I wrote my last blog. I was planning to write one earlier but I was so buzzy but of course I can share a lot with you now!

Cape Town is really cool, you can do so much stuff overhere. After I had my competition what I really enjoyed I tried a lot of other things that you can do around Cape Town. First of all I went for a Hike up to Lions Head. The hike was great and my favorite part was definitely the last few meters with a nice climb up to the top. A other cool thing that I did was to learn kiteboarding and after a few lessons I was able to stood up and going up and down for a bit. I could say it’s really fun to do, I exually can’t wait to improve myself more so I can start to make some jumps. But I am far from that at the moment but I think it’s a nice goal to work to in about 1 or 2 years. Last weekend we went also for a little road trip up to Struisbaai with the Endless Summer Beach House crew. It was a bit of a drive but it was really cool to see that area as well. We could kite there on flat waterspots and that was really good for me. I also brought a visit at Giants Gymnastics it was happy that I did that and hopefully I can plan to go there one more time this week to help the girls a bit. Yesterday I went to Table Mountain the hike up and down was great but the view on the top was even better. It was awesome! Last but not least I went for some more surfing and running. I am so not ready with this country so hopefully I can make a plan to get back next year!

Now I am just counting the day until I am heading to Portugal for the last part of my trip. I am looking forward to ride again and see my friend Jerome Tan from Switserland. I will keep you up to date but I am sure that it is going to be a fun and great way to end my trip!

IMG_2150My time in Bali was great. I met some really nice girls where I spent a lot of time with. I also took my surfing skills to the next level and I felt so good to surf some waves that are a little bit bigger. It was hard to leave because we had such a nice crew and the people around where al so nice.

After a really long travel I finally arrived in South Africa. (Yeah, it took me 2 days to get there and had a long layover at Hong Kong) I was happy that a friend of my brother could pick me up from the airport in Cape Town so I didn’t had to worry about that. I spent my first days at the Endless Summer Beach House in Tabel View. It is a cool place straight on the Ocean, with a view on the Table Mountain and Lionshead. I didn’t do much, I just went for some runs in this area, damn that is so much easier when you have a view like that!

IMG_1758Friday I left to the South African Nationals wake boarding boat. The place and lake where so nice and the water conditions good. I was happy that there was a practice on friday so I could get know the wake. The wake of the Malibu MXZ was pretty good. Saturday I had the qualifications and they went okay. I did my run with 3 inverts and some grabs, so I knew I could do better. We rode the finals next day and they went much better! :) I did all my inverts, tantrum, scarecrow, front roll, bankroll and I finally did a nice tail grab in a comp whoohooo. It was just a shame that I felt with my hs bs 360 and wirily bird. I was happy with my run and became first.

After the competition I got stucked there for a few days and that was to sad (not) ;-) I had an awesome time with Dylan, Deidre and Steward and it was so much fun. We did some GoPro shooting and we saw some really cool field fires.