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6 Weeks Australia

IMG_1321I have been away now for 6 weeks. The first 6 weeks did I spend in Australia, It was awesome and the time went so fast!

The first week that I got there I had the photo shoots for DUP Wakeboards it was a big experience and everything was really new for me. So I am really thankful to all the DUP people who let me a part of it. I also liked that I saw the most of the team riders, it was great to meet and ride whit them!

After a week of shooting , the weather wasn’t on our side and maybe you shouldn’t believe me but we had a lot of rain that week. We where celebrating Australian day. We went with a few other DUP team riders like Scotty Broome, Antonie van der Wekken, Jonthy Green on a boat at Port Hacking River. There were a lot of other people as well and had a good day with music and drinks. I also met Amber Wing and Dean Smith during that day. Then Amber told me that I had to stay at her house so we could do some boat riding.

JHC5223So after Australian day I spent a few days with Amber I think it was the best part of my trip for so far! We did some early morning sets at 6 o’clock and that was so sweet, you could see the sun rising and it gives you a good feeling to wake up for the things that you love to do in a really nice area. She took me also to some yoga classes and I liked it. So I am gonna try to do something like that when I am back home for sure.

IMG_1300Then I spent 2 days in Sydney. That was more than enough for me but it was awesome and fun to be there. I saw the Opra House and the Harbor Brige. I also went to Manly and Bondi Beach, the city was pretty cool as well. I saw some street artists and it was cool to see them preform. The last thing that I did was Toronga Zoo, it was so nice to see the Giraffe in front of the Sydney skyline!

After that I went to Penrith Cables Park and spent there a few more days. I finally get a little bit more used to the cable but I am still so scared about hitting the obstacles. So I really have to practice it a lot more but I like to do it as well so I think I will be allright :)

IMG_1275That weekend I took the train to get to a competition. It was my first competition after a while and I did okay. The comp was really similar as back home it just went a lot faster, and that is something that I really like. They were doing the hole competition by each category, so that means I did ride the qualifications and straight after all the girls had ride them we rode the finals. My qualification run went pretty good. I did all my 4 inverts, tantrum, scarcrow, front roll and backroll and a heel side tail grab. I was so surprised about the wake because it was so good and massive! The finals went not that good, but I still became 3th so that was pretty good!

IMG_1352The next week did I spent at Black Diamond Wakeboarding School. It’s an awesome place with a really good coach Scotty Kell. I learnt a hs fs 360 and I almost landed a switch hs fs 360 as well. I had an awesome time over there with a lot of wakeboarding. I am glad that I did it and it was great to train behind the G23 as well!

After that week a took a little rest and I was happy that I could stay at Dominique (Ambers sister) house and had some relaxing days at Cronulla. I bought a skateboard to cruise with so I did some good cruises and workouts in the mornings.

IMG_1438The next days I went for a surf trip and i finally learnt to surf, I like it but it is without a doubt not as good as wakeboarding! In the end of my trip I could catch some green waves so I didn’t do to bad. I went with MOJO Surfschools, I think it was really good to go with them specially when you can’t surf. The teaching was good.

I had just 6 more days and I decided to go to Byron Bay. It’s a cool place and I enjoyed it for a few days. I think 6 days there was just a little bit to long for me, I was getting missing my friends and family and also to ride on my wakeboard. The last day I went for a mountainbike tour and that was pretty good. It was a complete different area and it was nice to see the Rain Forest during an activity. We did a tour from about 3 hours with a lot of climbing and downhill riding so it was really good. I was happy that I did that it was a lot of fun and a good workout as well. I like to be tiered in the end of the day. So you can eat, shower and go to bed.

Now I am at the airport waiting for my flight to Singapore. I can’t wait to be there and spent some time with my friend Carro and Sasha and of course finally some more wakeboarding!

I will keep you up to date. See you soon!