Author: jaagers

I am so stoked that I booked my flight to Sydney this week. I am leaving 19 january and i can’t wait to go there. From now I will count the day’s before I leave. I don’t made my plans already but the only thing I can tell you that I am going for the DUP photo shoots! I am so glad that I can join the DUP team for that. I think it gonna be awesome! For so far I don’t know where I will go after that. Hopefully I can catch up whit my Swedish friend Carro somewhere and have soms shred time together. And I deffently will pass a cable in Thailand and do some sightseing on my way back. I will keep you up to date about my plans, it’s gonna be an awesome winter!

189801_188352901205991_2942936_nToday I visit Koen at his shop Optiek van Hout in my hometown Uden. They came with the great news that they will sponsor my with Zeal 

Optic sunnys. I am really stoked about that and I choose some really nice designs. I am sure that I will use thesunny a lot during my wakeboard trip this winter. Thanks to Koen and Zeal Optics for believing in me!


Yelogojaagersah finally it’s there, a completly brand new website so I can keep you guys up to date where ever I am during my wakeboard carier. The webdesinger did a great job and I love my new layout. This is making me smile during my blogging. Hopefully it’s a good motivate for me as well for making more blogs and keep you guys up to date. Thank you so much Marketing and Webdevelopment Jaagers! For sure it’s a big step forwart for me.
I can’t wait to be back on the water and share my passion with you guys!
I will wish you all the best for 2014! Lets make a good year of riding!
My goals for 2014 are simple, ride more, learn more, travel more, stay strong, blog more and recpect my live more :) 
I also will thanks my sponsors DUP Wakeboards, Zeal Optics for supporting me. Also I will thank Marketing and Webdevelopment Jagers for giving me this brand new website. Ofcourse I will thank my family for being there for me all the time, my trainer for all the nice workouts this year and getting myself ready for my trip to Ozzy. Last but not least I will thank my friends without them I would not have that much fun in my live!