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fotoI am so stoked that I became the National Champion. It was good to see the level of riding of the dutch girls stepping up. It was a good experience to need to ride well to be on the top of the podium. That really makes you want to push your riding skills to the next level.

The day started good, I was the latest of the dock in the qualification round. I rode good and landed my new trick, air-raley, the second attempt. I qualified second for the finals, so that means that I started second last in the finals.

After seeing the guys shredding and a short break it was time for the finals. Just before the finals the weather was changing and I was unlucky with that. The wind was blowing and after my first pass it started raining as well. I still managed to do some tricks and stuck my air-raley again but much cleaner and bigger. It was just sad that I crashed twice with my frontroll this time. Last of the dock was Sanne Meijer, she did a really good job and it was her first boat competition ever! She showed us a few inverts and an air-raley as well and managed to do some easier wake to wake stuff as well. So I really thought that she would became the new Dutch Champion. I already knew that it would be really close but I didn’t expect it at all that I was going to win. I was so surprised when I didn’t heard my name when they called for the second place. It was unbelievable that I became first and I still can’t believe it. I am so happy with my title again! I couldn’t wish a better end of the weekend and I am already looking forward to go back to work tomorrow :P

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-19 om 23.30.32I am happy that I was able to find so much time to be on the water this week so I think I am really good prepared for the Nationals on Sunday!
The weather was pretty good this week and one of my favorite shreds was this morning. The water was so glassy, I think I have never seen it like that at my home spot. So I couldn’t wish for a better start of the day.  After a quick practice I had a fun set with Maxim van Helvoort and did some GoPro shooting. That was so much fun and really good to divert my focus for a bit, and to not be thinking about the competition. Just riding, having fun and being out on the water. Exactly all the things that I love about wakeboarding.
Tomorrow I will be going for my last little ride before the competition and I am already looking forward to it!
The competition will start Sunday 10 am at WSV Maurik, Rijnbandijk 40, 4021 GH Maurik. Hope to see you there!

WakeboardJust one more week and than it is time for the Nationals. This year they will be held the 21st of September at WSV Maurik.

My trainings are going good. Even if it is hard to get some training time on the water, so hopefully thats enough to prepare myself well for the Nationals and the Europeans later in October. Its just annoying that it is getting dark so soon in the evenings and that I have to work during the day. Using the weekends and time straight after work is the best option to shred. I have to deal with that, that’s just the only option for this time of the year.

For more info about or nationals please have a look at

I hope to see you all there!

10630715_773667906005860_5989911130995172428_oThe last stop of the Lowlands tour as usual took place in Izegem Belgium. It’s always nice to be there. The crowd is good and there is a good vibe. The wake of the MasterCraft X25 is perfect for a competition like this.

I was lucky that I arrived on time this year, the traffic wasn’t working along. There were a few highways closed because of road works and a car crash.  So it took me almost 4 hours to get there instead of 2 hours that it normally takes.

I could take a little rest before my qualification run. There was a trampoline on the side, perfect to warm up before riding :)
My qualification run went pretty good, I landed my basic stuff and my tootsie roll again, so I was really stocked about that. I can say that it is almost getting kind of a save trick for me.  

After waiting for a few more hours and doing some judging in the lcq rounds it was time for my final run. My final run went okay, but not as good as my qualification run. It was still enough to take the lead this stop and that ment that I took the overall title of the Lowlands tour this year!

10495589_1543642705859732_7771969250318950643_oI was happy that I was able to go to Chill and Ride again this year. After being there for the first time last year I knew that this is one of the events where all European wakeboarders are looking forward to.

I really like the concept as well, it’s definitely chill and ride :)

I was lucky to join a team with a brand new MasterCraft X-star, thank you guys! It was awesome! The wake of the X-star was huge and my riding went pretty good during the team challenge. I was stoked that I sticked my tootsie roll for the second time in a comp and almost my whirly as well in the same run. It was good to see some girls shredding really good during this weekend and it was so good to see some friends as well. I really miss riding with girls who can shred!!! So hopefully I can make things work and can go for a wakeboard trip before Europeans in the end of October.

I had less luck in the individual comp, I don’t know why but I was so nervous from the beginning til the end. My riding went not good enough to get a spot in the finals. It was a bit of a bummer because I know that I was able to get a spot in the finals and I think on the podium as well.

After the competitions on Sunday I went straight home, because my work was already waiting for me on Monday :(

I am happy that the week is almost over, that means weekend = time to shred!!!!

1908395_10152568710060325_3453351949135484659_nIt’s already a week ago that I went to the European Tige Trophy.  It was nice to do a competition again and it makes me more stable for my competition riding. The vibe was good although the weather wasn’t that good for wakeboarding. The wind was making it hard to ride.

My qualifications didn’t go well, but I was happy that my final run went much better! I am stoked that I won another competition this year.

In about 2 weeks I will travel to Freistett in Germany where Chill and Ride will take place. Hopefully the weather will be less windy next week as they are expecting it to be, so I can work on new skills. I am really looking forward to that awesome event! For more information about Chill and Ride visit  See you there!

10405498_859981480698588_3988636882641494814_nLast Sunday I had my first competition of the season back home. It was the 1st stop of the Lowlands Tour the O’neill contest at Wasserbillig. It was a bit of a drive to get there but I was lucky that I didn’t had to go by myself. The weather was good and the water flat :)

The competition started with the girls division as usual and my qualification run went okay. I just had a crash with my bs 360 in the end of my first pass and on the way back with my tootsie.

After a few hours of waiting chilling and watching the guys riding it was time to ride the finals. I started last of the dock because I placed first for the finals. This time my run went even better and I sticked my tootsie for the first time in a comp. So I am still really stoked about that!

I am looking forward to work on some new tricks, I also trying to make some plans for the rest of the season but trust me thats no easy all the time. I think my schedule will be:

2             August              European Tige Trophy (Belgium)
21-24     August              Chill and Ride (Germany)
6             September       Lowlands Tour stop 2 (Belgium)
21           September       Dutch Nationals (Maurik)
21-26    October             Europeans (Portugal)

DCIM100GOPROI had an awesome long weekend. It all started last Thursday at Ascension day. I went for a shred with my brother. The last time that I went out on the water with him was already a while ago. It felt so good to ride with him again. The next day we went for a ride with a good friend of us. He just bought a boat this year so of course we had to try it out. The boat is a freaking monster, the wake of the Nautique G25 was so much better as I expected that it should be. The wake was seriously damn huges. It was so much fun to ride behind that sick boat and I ha definitely a good set! I think I will visit you more often Leon :)

Saturday I went to the gym with a friend of me, so we burned some calories during the RPM en Body Pump lessons. That was a great start of the day. After that we went for again for a shred and a few friends. We had a good time with a lot of fun, thank you guys for the good time on the water! I also made a little fun edit from it with some help of my brother. It’s just a sneak preview so more is coming soon! I am already really excited about that.

Sunday I had my first selection training at the wakeboard school from Duncan Zuur. I had a awesome shred again. I landed my first tootsie roll so I am still really stoked about that. It’s so great to feel the adrenaline pumping through your body after landing a new trick for the first time!

IMG_2334I am already a couple of days back from my adventure in Ireland. I had a great time and saw some good friends and met a bunch of other cool people! It all started with my invitation for the Docklands Summer Festival. After that I decided to stay longer so I could be part of the Maritine Festival in Belfast as well. I was happy that I could stay at my friends David Coats house. Thank you for that!

The week between the 2 festivals was so much fun, we did some more boat and cable riding. I went for some runs in a nice and different landscape and saw something of Belfast city. It was so good to spent some time with Carro, miss you already girl! At the moment she is killing it in the States, so hopefully I can visit her this summer! Check to see what she is doing!

The Maritine Festival was a good event, it was a shame that the conditions were so hard the first 2 days but such a good practice for me to get a little bit more used to ride in bad conditions. We were lucky that the conditions were good at the final day of the Festival so I could show some real tricks! The location was really cool! It was in front of the Titanic building. The wakeboard part of the festival was running by the people of Cable and Wake, so if you go to Belfast you have to go for a shred there!

Saturday and Sunday we watch the US Masters a wakeboard competition in the states. Damn the level was so good, everyone was smashing it! It was so good to see how the girls are shredding it, the level is definitely stepping up!


Had a great time with great people last weekend in Dublin at the Docklands Summer Festival. It was such a nice event with a lots of people that were watching us on the side. It also was good to catch up with the wakeboarders again! We had an awesome time even if the weather wasn’t good all day long I couldn’t stop smiling and having fun! Thanks  to the organizers and everyone that support us, can’t wait to come back!

The next week I will stay in Ireland to do some more riding, so I will keep you up to date! I already made my first set in Ireland yesterday and I managed to learn one new trick!