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Back in Europe

fotoAfter a long flight and a few more really good days in Cape Town I arrived in Portugal. This time it was a bit harder to leave, I was so not ready for it. Hopefully I can make some plans to go back next year. The last few days I did some Gymnastic coaching at Giants Gymnastics and I really liked it to work with the girls. An other cool thing that I did was watching the sunrise on the top of Lions Head. It was an early wake up but definitely worth it.

The last part of my trip is Portugal I am staying at Wake Villa, the place is sick! And It is also fun to catch up again with my friend Jerome Tan from Switserland. It feels so good to be back on the water and do some more riding. The boat is not really big but still good enough with plenty of weight in it, that makes a good wake. I already did 3 sets since I arrived yesterday, so I am ready to work on my competition pass and of course to try and learn some new tricks!