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Chill and Ride

10495589_1543642705859732_7771969250318950643_oI was happy that I was able to go to Chill and Ride again this year. After being there for the first time last year I knew that this is one of the events where all European wakeboarders are looking forward to.

I really like the concept as well, it’s definitely chill and ride :)

I was lucky to join a team with a brand new MasterCraft X-star, thank you guys! It was awesome! The wake of the X-star was huge and my riding went pretty good during the team challenge. I was stoked that I sticked my tootsie roll for the second time in a comp and almost my whirly as well in the same run. It was good to see some girls shredding really good during this weekend and it was so good to see some friends as well. I really miss riding with girls who can shred!!! So hopefully I can make things work and can go for a wakeboard trip before Europeans in the end of October.

I had less luck in the individual comp, I don’t know why but I was so nervous from the beginning til the end. My riding went not good enough to get a spot in the finals. It was a bit of a bummer because I know that I was able to get a spot in the finals and I think on the podium as well.

After the competitions on Sunday I went straight home, because my work was already waiting for me on Monday :(

I am happy that the week is almost over, that means weekend = time to shred!!!!