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Final stop Lowlands Tour

10630715_773667906005860_5989911130995172428_oThe last stop of the Lowlands tour as usual took place in Izegem Belgium. It’s always nice to be there. The crowd is good and there is a good vibe. The wake of the MasterCraft X25 is perfect for a competition like this.

I was lucky that I arrived on time this year, the traffic wasn’t working along. There were a few highways closed because of road works and a car crash.  So it took me almost 4 hours to get there instead of 2 hours that it normally takes.

I could take a little rest before my qualification run. There was a trampoline on the side, perfect to warm up before riding :)
My qualification run went pretty good, I landed my basic stuff and my tootsie roll again, so I was really stocked about that. I can say that it is almost getting kind of a save trick for me.  

After waiting for a few more hours and doing some judging in the lcq rounds it was time for my final run. My final run went okay, but not as good as my qualification run. It was still enough to take the lead this stop and that ment that I took the overall title of the Lowlands tour this year!