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Getting ready

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-19 om 23.30.32I am happy that I was able to find so much time to be on the water this week so I think I am really good prepared for the Nationals on Sunday!
The weather was pretty good this week and one of my favorite shreds was this morning. The water was so glassy, I think I have never seen it like that at my home spot. So I couldn’t wish for a better start of the day.  After a quick practice I had a fun set with Maxim van Helvoort and did some GoPro shooting. That was so much fun and really good to divert my focus for a bit, and to not be thinking about the competition. Just riding, having fun and being out on the water. Exactly all the things that I love about wakeboarding.
Tomorrow I will be going for my last little ride before the competition and I am already looking forward to it!
The competition will start Sunday 10 am at WSV Maurik, Rijnbandijk 40, 4021 GH Maurik. Hope to see you there!