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IMG_2334I am already a couple of days back from my adventure in Ireland. I had a great time and saw some good friends and met a bunch of other cool people! It all started with my invitation for the Docklands Summer Festival. After that I decided to stay longer so I could be part of the Maritine Festival in Belfast as well. I was happy that I could stay at my friends David Coats house. Thank you for that!

The week between the 2 festivals was so much fun, we did some more boat and cable riding. I went for some runs in a nice and different landscape and saw something of Belfast city. It was so good to spent some time with Carro, miss you already girl! At the moment she is killing it in the States, so hopefully I can visit her this summer! Check to see what she is doing!

The Maritine Festival was a good event, it was a shame that the conditions were so hard the first 2 days but such a good practice for me to get a little bit more used to ride in bad conditions. We were lucky that the conditions were good at the final day of the Festival so I could show some real tricks! The location was really cool! It was in front of the Titanic building. The wakeboard part of the festival was running by the people of Cable and Wake, so if you go to Belfast you have to go for a shred there!

Saturday and Sunday we watch the US Masters a wakeboard competition in the states. Damn the level was so good, everyone was smashing it! It was so good to see how the girls are shredding it, the level is definitely stepping up!