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Making plans and packing my bag

245bd202e4d5fa3ad85b82362da6b139Sorry, it is a little while ago since I wrote my last blog. I really needed some time to get used to the lifestyle and weather back home again. But I am getting there and that means as well that I am really stoked to work at some new plans, so keep in touch with my website for more news that is coming up!

I just had some bad luck with the weather last week so i didn’t rode at all, but finally the weather is changing and I can hit the water soon! I am so happy with my personal trainer, so I am sure that I can come trough the days that I can’t ride and stay fit. It was also fun to be back in the gym on the friday nights for a bit. It’s always so much fun to see what you still can do.

I also started with packing my bags to head to Dublin for the Docklands Summer Festival. I am still so stoked that they invited me and I am really looking forward to see and ride with my international friends. I think its gonna be great! Hopefully there is some wi-fi there so I can keep up posting.