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National Champion!

fotoI am so stoked that I became the National Champion. It was good to see the level of riding of the dutch girls stepping up. It was a good experience to need to ride well to be on the top of the podium. That really makes you want to push your riding skills to the next level.

The day started good, I was the latest of the dock in the qualification round. I rode good and landed my new trick, air-raley, the second attempt. I qualified second for the finals, so that means that I started second last in the finals.

After seeing the guys shredding and a short break it was time for the finals. Just before the finals the weather was changing and I was unlucky with that. The wind was blowing and after my first pass it started raining as well. I still managed to do some tricks and stuck my air-raley again but much cleaner and bigger. It was just sad that I crashed twice with my frontroll this time. Last of the dock was Sanne Meijer, she did a really good job and it was her first boat competition ever! She showed us a few inverts and an air-raley as well and managed to do some easier wake to wake stuff as well. So I really thought that she would became the new Dutch Champion. I already knew that it would be really close but I didn’t expect it at all that I was going to win. I was so surprised when I didn’t heard my name when they called for the second place. It was unbelievable that I became first and I still can’t believe it. I am so happy with my title again! I couldn’t wish a better end of the weekend and I am already looking forward to go back to work tomorrow :P