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Tootsie roll

DCIM100GOPROI had an awesome long weekend. It all started last Thursday at Ascension day. I went for a shred with my brother. The last time that I went out on the water with him was already a while ago. It felt so good to ride with him again. The next day we went for a ride with a good friend of us. He just bought a boat this year so of course we had to try it out. The boat is a freaking monster, the wake of the Nautique G25 was so much better as I expected that it should be. The wake was seriously damn huges. It was so much fun to ride behind that sick boat and I ha definitely a good set! I think I will visit you more often Leon :)

Saturday I went to the gym with a friend of me, so we burned some calories during the RPM en Body Pump lessons. That was a great start of the day. After that we went for again for a shred and a few friends. We had a good time with a lot of fun, thank you guys for the good time on the water! I also made a little fun edit from it with some help of my brother. It’s just a sneak preview so more is coming soon! I am already really excited about that.

Sunday I had my first selection training at the wakeboard school from Duncan Zuur. I had a awesome shred again. I landed my first tootsie roll so I am still really stoked about that. It’s so great to feel the adrenaline pumping through your body after landing a new trick for the first time!